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over 5 years ago

How to NOT write Java in the hackathon

Hey All:

As we reach the last two weeks of the hackathon, I want to follow up on my other email introducing Middleware products (ya gotta use one). We have heard that some people don't, can't, won't program in Java. Have no fear there are at least 3 other products that easily fit into your application. It is also fine to use the Upstream projects in your application as well - though I am not sure there is a template for them in OpenShift. 

1. JDG (Upstream infinispan)
JDG is a distributed in-memory key/value data store with optional schema. More than just a distributed caching solution, data grids also offer additional functionality such as map/reduce, querying, processing for streaming data, and transaction capabilities

You can find some doc on using the REST API for caching here and here.

2. AMQ (upstream ActiveMQ)
JBoss AMQ provides fast, lightweight, and secure messaging for Internet-scale applications. AMQ components use industry-standard message protocols and support a wide range of programming languages and operating environments.

It comes out of the box with STOMP and MQTT enabled (for all you IoT fans).  The AMQ docs for STOMP are here and here.


3. Vert.x (Upstream Vert.x)
Eclipse Vert.x is event driven, non blocking, and reactive. This means your app can handle a lot of concurrency using a small number of kernel threads.You can use Vert.x with multiple languages including  JavaScript, Groovy, Ruby, and Kotlin. There are idiomatic APIs for every language that Vert.x supports.

There are ton of great docs with examples in every language they support:

That page also highlights the huge number of plugins to the platform as well. 

4. Other products
We have business rules (BRMS/Drools), optimization engines (BPMS/OptaPlanner), complete integration platforms (Fuse). If you are curious about those please drop into slack and ask or maybe shoot us an email.

Thanks and happy coding!