OpenShift Online

OpenShift Online is a container application platform that allows developers to quickly develop, build, deploy, and manage containerized services and applications in a cloud environment.

Every hackathon participant can receive $220 in OpenShift Online Pro Tier account credits! These credits will provide you with 8 gigs of memory, 20 gigs of storage, and access to Red Hat JBoss Middleware. To request your Pro Tier credits, follow the steps here


JBoss Middleware

First, visit the Readme for information on the templates that are available.

Then, check out the full GitHub repository that contains the instructions and files you need to load JBoss Middleware into OpenShift for the hackathon.


Data Resources

Here are a few travel APIs and datasets to help get you started building:


Hackathon Support

General Questions: We’ve got you covered. If you have a question about the competition rules, contact us at or send us a message in the competition Slack channel.

Tech Support: If you can't find the answer you're looking for in the documentation, post it to the #techsupport channel in Slack and we'll work on getting you an answer from a pro as soon as possible.