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over 5 years ago

New travel APIs from our partners at!

Hey Guys,

Travel is going through such interesting times at the moment where a decade from now, the entire travel tech landscape is going to be rebuilt. With Blockchain and AI blowing our minds, to the airlines playing around with NDC, there’s so much to be excited about, and hence so much opportunity for innovation.

This hackathon could be a perfect time to take that first step into the new frontiers on travel and we’d love to help you build those amazing new technologies and experiences for travelers around the world.

Airhob is a global B2B travel company with 25 years of experience in serving travelers and travel providers. This year, we launched our developers platform for:

1. Flights - Hundreds of airlines covering both low-cost and full-service carriers.
2. Stays - Over 670,000+ properties including hotels, apartments, villas etc.
3. Rail Passes - 4 types of passes for budget travel across the entire european region.
4. Activities - Over 55,000+ activities, excursions, tickets, or sightseeings around the world
5. International Trains - Trains in UK, Europe, Canada and Russia (launching Nov end)

Airhob API is totally free to integrate in the sandbox environment and you’ll be ready to make your first API request within a couple of minutes. 

So what are waiting for? Here’s how you could hack your way into the Airhob API’s:

Step 1 – Go to

Step 2 – Click on the Signup link and fill out a small form. Once you do that, you’ll be redirected to the Developers Dashboard.

Step 3 – Generate your API keys. Go to API Docs to see the detailed documentation of all API’s.

We’ve got the API Explorer (you must be logged in) for Flights and Rail Passes API if you want to play around with the API’s before starting to integrate.

You can read the FAQ’s if you’ve got any questions related to the integration, payments, and commissions.

All the best! Can’t wait to see all the amazing apps getting built.

Nikunj Agrawal
Co-founder & CEO